The safety of our homes is a high priority for many of us. And it is the security door that is the basis of a peaceful sleep. However, without quality accessories, security doors would not be able to fulfill their purpose. Therefore, when selecting or renovating them, focus on the correct security features that are part of them.

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1. Material

Many of us focus only on a quality lock when choosing a door. However, the right material is also important for your safety. If opening locks are difficult for thieves, the door can simply be kicked. The most frequently chosen material for security doors is metal. However, other materials are also available on the market, such as solid wood doors, laminated safety glass or sheet metal, which offers a myriad of possible decors.

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 2. Door frames

You may be surprised, but door frames also play an important role in securing doors. It is their squeezing (usually with a crowbar) that is the most common problem that not a single locksmith points out. If you have decided to replace the door completely, we recommend pouring concrete on the door frames.

3. Inserts and fittings

As with doors, the rule is that the higher the security class, the higher the protection. And although the cylinder liner, as a small piece of iron, seems negligible, its fair selection can save you a lot of inconvenience. In this case, it is always better to get this insert a security class higher than the door itself. Today, special inserts are included in every such insert, and you will not be able to obtain a duplicate without a special card.

However, the cylinder liner also has other advantages. Have you ever slammed a door and the only option was a locksmith emergency? Some inserts also include a penetration coupling, thanks to which you can easily open open slammed doors with a key inserted inside - of course only with your key.

And to make you really feel safe, you can also equip the surroundings of the house or apartment with, for example, a camera system, a photo trap or a photocell.

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