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Provádíme kompletní dodáni a montáž zámků, vložek (lidově řečeno “vymena fabky“), bezpečnostního kování, závor, přídavných zámků, zavíračů dveří, petlic, zabrán apod. Dodáváme vložky všech rozměrů a bezpečnostních tříd (1 až 4) značek FAB, RICHTER, EVVA, TOKOZ, MUL-T-LOCK, ABUS… Montujeme/měníme/dodáváme bezpečnostní zámky ATRA, MOTTURA, CISA apod.  Zabýváme se systémem generálního a hlavního klíče (SGHK). Montujeme bezpečnostní závory i bezpečnostní dveře.  Před výjezdem Vám vždy sdělíme jakou vložku/zámek je potřeba použít a orientační cenu.

výměna zámkových vložek

We will choose the appropriate security and advise

We have been providing our services for many years, so after the arrival of the technicians, they will always advise you which locks, inserts or fittings are most suitable for your building. Very often people think that if they buy a security pad for a few thousand, they are protected from thieves - this is far from true. On the contrary, sometimes the security pad only attracts thieves. The lock insert must always be protected by safety fittings that protect the insert against breakage. But even a combination of a security pad and forging will not protect you 100% from thieves. Although they do not open the door through the lock, they open it by forced prying. Therefore, if you want to properly protect your property, we recommend installing a security barrier that protects the door from being pulled out.

We also make a master and master key (SGHK) system for larger objects. The advantage of SGHK is that you can open all the doors with one key. You don't have to carry a bunch of keys with you. In the case of an office, each employee only gets to the places from which he has the key, while you get with one key everywhere.

We also have extensive experience with the installation of security doors. Therefore, all we have to do is call and arrange a visit from a technician, who must first thoroughly remeasure the door. Subsequently, we can supply and install the door according to the measured values. We will always be happy to advise you on the appropriate type of door for your home and security against thieves.

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