Opening Locked Door Without Keys

We can open any door without damaging - call us anytime!

We know how to open a door without keys!


Did your door slam? Lost your keys? Is it not possible to open the lock with the key or has your key broken? Especially don't panic! For many years, KEY SERVICE locksmiths have been successfully solving these problems on a daily basis. Thanks to quality tools and many years of experience, we can open any slammed door in no time without any damage. Even slammed security doors such as NEXT, SHERLOCK, ADLO, SAPELI, BEDEX, etc. and also all plastic doors are not a problem for us. Within a few seconds to minutes after the arrival of our technician, your door will open without any damage. Under no circumstances should you try to pry the slammed door open - the lock will always break, the door will break at the place where the lock is mounted and the fur will be damaged. It is seldom possible to unlock the door in this way, and even replacing the lock will be more difficult.

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What is needed to open a door without a key?

To open a locked door, you must show the technician a document proving that you have the right to enter the selected apartment (if you are the owner of the apartment - ID card with permanent residence at the address or purchase contract. If you live in the lease - ). We will open the locked door in the most gentle way possible (it always depends on how the door is secured - we will choose the most wise opening method accordingly). Always before opening the door, the technician will thoroughly explain to you how the door will open.

On request in case of emergency (closed small child, switched on dangerous devices, etc.) we can come to you really fast - therefore you do not have to call firefighters who will open the door for you, but the subsequent repair of the door (and quite often the door frame) will be several times more expensive.

The locksmith ready to help you 24 hours a day.

Call at any time and we will be with you in 10-40 minutes.

Did you accidentally keep your keys in the lock and slam the door? Or have you lost your keys and don't like each other? Or did you break the key in the lock? Whatever the reason you can't get home - call our locksmiths at any time. We offer not only non-stop emergency dispatching, but also a non-stop available team of experienced locksmiths in Prague and its surroundings. We deal with opening flights for a long time - we know how to deal with all situations.

Thanks to extensive experience and the best equipment, we can open slammed doors without damaging them. Call 777 037 778. We are ready!

A slammed door? We know how to do it!

It doesn't matter when this precaution happens to you - during the day or at night, our locksmith will open the slammed door at any time, and 99% without the slightest damage to the door. Do not hesitate and call our locksmiths - we are ready to help you non-stop. Describe your situation to us and we will send you our experienced locksmith as soon as possible, who will open the slammed door to you without damaging the lock or the door and you will get home without any problems. Rely on our locksmiths - they will arrive quickly, they will open the castle professionally without the slightest damage, with the certainty of a favorable price. Call 777 037 778. We are here for you!

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Whatever the problem with the lock - the KEY SERVICE locksmith's emergency will solve everything in a quality manner, at a favorable price and in the shortest possible time. Most often, our locksmiths solve the following problems:

  • slammed door - forgotten keys in the apartment or accidentally left keys from the inside in the lock…
  • locked door - lost keys, broken or jammed lock, broken key in the lock, etc.

In any similar cases, do not hesitate to contact KEY SERVICE locksmiths at 777 037 778


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