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We have been specialists in opening keyless locks since 1990

Locks and doors are one of the most common parts of any apartment, house or commercial space. But what to do if you need to repair or replace the lock? In this case, you can use the services of professional locksmiths. Our locksmith helps citizens and companies not only in Prague 9. We provide anything related to locks, inserts, fittings and doors. We repair faults and replace defective locks.


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Locksmith Prague 9

You can also order the installation of a new and safer lock or fittings from us. Modern locking mechanisms are very durable and sophisticated devices that can only be installed by a knowledgeable person. Our locksmiths do this work on a daily basis. They are thus able to work with different types of locks and doors.

Improper selection and handling is a common mess for locks. The lock and insert last really long. But if someone incorrectly mounted them right at the beginning, they will be damaged over time. In our locksmith shop, we will be happy to advise you and install the appropriate lock and insert on site. At the same time, we have no problem repairing the consequences of unprofessional interventions and installations. You can call us at any time and arrange the necessary action and service from the comfort of your home.


In some cases, you need an locksmith immediately. This is most often the case with lost and broken keys or a broken or stuck lock. However, the seemingly unsolvable situation of not knowing how to open a slammed door has an easy solution.

LOCKSMITH PRAGUE 9 saves your money!

Our non-stop locksmith shop is equipped exactly for such events. We hold a non-stop service for Prague 9 and its surroundings. These situations are often urgent and finding a locksmith in Prague is often not so easy. But our locksmith is constantly on call. We operate during the day, at night and of course on weekends and holidays. We will respond to your call at any time and go directly to the given address. For an experienced locksmith, opening the door is commonplace. We are used to dealing with these issues in peace and with minimal damage to the door.

We can also immediately install a new and high-quality lock as a replacement for a broken piece. Every year we help hundreds of Prague citizens in this way. Quite often it happens that in an enclosed apartment the appliance remains switched on or there is a person inside and cannot go out.

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In this case, our intervention is immediate and lasts for a relatively short time, and it will not damage your apartment. This way we can easily save you from having to call firefighters, whose opening methods are very effective but often end in a telephone to our locksmith shop. After calling the IRS units, you often need a completely new lock, door and sometimes a door frame.

In an emergency, all you have to do is call our number and the problem is solved at the outset. Like ordinary locks in residential and commercial premises, we also open special security fittings and doors. At the same time, we can help you quickly even if you slam your car keys in the parking lot. Clients also turn to us with repairs of locks at safes and cash registers. Early repair in this case will save a lot of money and nerves.

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