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We have been specialists in opening keyless locks since 1990

Prague 6 is the area where the largest airport in the Czech Republic is located, but also a place to which part of Hradčany belongs. There are important buildings of the city such as the Müller Villa, the National Technical Library and the Museum of Public Transport. The Divoká Šárka nature reserve, one of the largest nature parks in Prague, invites you to relax. Ladronka Park is used for sports activities, which serves pedestrians, cyclists and especially skaters. Many cultural events take place here.

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Apartment security

Our locksmiths are trained professionals who will ensure the perfect security of your apartment. They work quickly and efficiently, and it only takes a few minutes to replace the lock insert. The offer of Zámečnictví Praha includes both the replacement of the lock at the front door and the opening of safes and car opening.

Locksmith nonstop

Zámečník Praha will come to you at any time of the morning or evening in the shortest possible time. You don't have to worry about sitting outside for hours waiting for the door to your apartment or car to open. We will reach the client within 60 minutes.

Locksmith services Prague

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How to open a slammed door

Easy, just call our number 777 037 778 and a locksmith will come and open the door for you. Thanks to our services, this frequent inconvenience can only become a funny experience, which you will later tell your friends over coffee. Our prices are very reasonable and thanks to the fact that we are an established company, we have quality employees with a lot of experience.

We use the latest technology and tools to open doors and locks. We not only open the locks, but also repair them. We remove the broken key in the lock.

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Locksmith service. Zámečnictví Praha will provide you with a quality locksmith service with an offer and installation of security elements and systems. Our experienced professional locksmiths will advise you on what types of security are suitable for your household.

Opening the door in Prague. Prague is a very busy place where theft can often occur. We will repair the damaged lock within a few minutes and recommend better security of the building. We will ensure its installation.

There are a number of flats used for sublease in Prague. Professional locksmiths who carry out professional locks changes will lock your lock at any time of the day or night and you do not have to worry that the key to your rented apartment is owned by former subtenants.

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