Safe Opening & Repair Services

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Opening the safe without damaging the lock


Have you lost the keys to your safe, don't remember the code or can't open the safe with the original key? You don't have to despair, we can definitely help you with that. We have extensive experience with this type of problem. We open electronic and mechanical code safes of the brands SAFEMETAL, T-SAFE, ASIST, ROTTNER, EXTOL, WICO, SENTRZSAFE, BULDOK, KOVONA, P-KOVO and many other types of safes. We open the safe / safe in the most gentle way so that the safe can continue to be used. We use only the highest quality products to open the safe. If you need to drill a hole to open the safe, you don't have to worry. After opening, we make it with a special sealant so that the safe can continue to be used.

otevřený trezor

In addition to classic locksmith services, we offer:

  • Opening safes
  • Complete service related to safes
  • Repair of safes
  • Replacement of safe locks
  • Production of keys according to safe locks
  • Installation / anchoring of safes
  • Refurbishment of safes, repair of locking mechanisms

Did anyone try to get into the vault and damage the lock? Or is the safe old and the lock not working properly? We repair all types of safes! We exchange locks, produce keys, change codes, etc. It is not a problem to set a new code on your safe lock or to convert an existing lock to new keys.

Today, people often prefer cheaper types of safes in case the existing one, which is more expensive, but in most respects far better, stops working. Cheap safes are of dubious quality. In such cases, we recommend refurbishing the old, better quality safe than wasting money on a new one. After refurbishing the safe, a completely new lock with the required number of keys and a completely repaired safe locking mechanism will be installed. Basically, after refurbishment, you will have a completely new quality safe with a guarantee for a locking mechanism, which will serve you for a long time to come!

We provide our services for the whole of Prague and the surrounding area. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us at any time at 777 037 778. Your locksmith emergency KEY SERVICE!

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