Emergency Car Door Opening

Emergency car opening Prague - call anytime!

We can open a car of any brand without any damage


We offer emergency opening of cars of all kinds and provide our services in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. Our advantage over the competition is that we use only the latest methods and fixtures to open cars, moreover, thanks to many years of experience and rich experience, we can open your car as quickly as possible and without any damage.

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We most often solve the following problems:

  • Discharged car battery and remote control dysfunction
  • Central locking malfunction
  • Remote control malfunction
  • Loss of the keys or their theft
  • Broken key in the car lock
  • Locked Keys in the Car
  • Alarm malfunction

And these are not all the problems we solve every day. In case something similar happened to you - do not panic and call the locksmith emergency KEY SERVICE! We are with you within 30 minutes! We open cars of all brands without any damage, including luxury cars LEXUS, BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI, ALFA ROMEO, JAGUAR, etc. Car owners in similar situations often think about breaking a window, it just doesn't always pay off. First, a relatively large part of the car has a "safe-system" which prevents the car from being opened from the inside by a handle. Second, shards of glass after breaking windows are cleared really badly. Third, think about your time and the cost of replacing the glass. If you do not have a locked child inside the car and you can wait for about 20 minutes for the locksmith to arrive - do not break the window, it will not pay off for you.

How to prevent problems

  • Never leave the keys in the car (or at least leave the window open)
  • Make a spare key (if you lose a single car key, you won't avoid changing locks, which isn't cheap at all)
  • Check the battery charge status, especially in winter - jump leads are worthwhile.
  • Do not try to force open a car that cannot be opened with the original key - leave it to us, you will save your time, nerves and money.


It can happen to anyone - just a little moment of inattention and you will find that you accidentally left the keys in the car and it locked itself for some reason. How could it have happened? It is most likely a defective microswitch. Sometimes only the fifth door locks themselves because of it, but usually the whole car is locked. If the car does not have a defective door microswitch - the car with the Key inside will not lock itself. How to proceed in such a case? Definitely do not panic and do not try to get into the car by force, except in emergency situations. For example, when the car is standing in direct sunlight and there is a child or animals in the car - we definitely recommend not waiting for the locksmith but breaking the window. In other cases, call our nearest locksmith emergency - we will open the car quickly and without the slightest damage.

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Are you looking for a locksmith to open cars in Prague? Our locksmith emergency will provide you with absolutely everything you need. We have been dealing with emergency opening of cars of all types and brands for many years, slammed keys in the car is a player for us - we are number one in opening cars in Prague and its surroundings! Do you have a problem with your car? Forget the panic!

Panic and stress will never help. You will calm down and realize what your options are. Most cars are sold with several sets of keys - do you remember where you have a spare set of keys? If not, or simply do not have it, opening a car without a key is most often the case for experienced locksmiths from KEY SERVICE. Do not hesitate to contact our locksmiths on the emergency line 777 037 778 at any time. We are here for you non stop. Your locksmith KEY SERVICE!

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Locksmith emergency KEY SERVICE provides emergency opening of cars of all types and brands. We use state-of-the-art tools to open cars - that's why we can guarantee that we will open the lock without the slightest damage. We will solve any problem with your car quickly and professionally for your satisfaction:

  • loss of or theft of keys. Subsequently, we can then produce new car keys!
  • the car locked itself, the keys remained inside the locked car (defective door microswitch)
  • the flashlight is out or the lock is broken and the door cannot be opened with the key

And this is far from all that can happen to your car. That's why we are here - locksmith KEY SERVICE

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