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We know how to reliably secure your home from burglarly!

We have been specializing in home security since 1990

After many years of experience, we have extensive experience in securing the front doors of apartments and other buildings. Many people often have the illusion that when they live in a panel apartment, for example, all the neighbors are like one big family and there is no danger of the apartment being stolen at all. But it is a big mistake. Not everyone knows their neighbors. In addition, the presence of strangers in the house is quite common. These can be, for example, visits. Don't wait for someone to steal you - securing a house is a sensible investment.


We know how to reliably secure you

Many apartments in Prague are not professionally secure at all. That is why, in 2015, for example, almost 2,000 flats were stolen in Prague. And these are just official numbers. An unsecured locked apartment (an ordinary insert without security fittings) will be opened by any thief within a minute, without any noise!

Once you have decided to secure your home, call our technicians on 777 037 778. Our locksmith will come to you and propose a suitable solution to secure your property. We supply and install inserts of all classes, safety and dimensions (FAB, RICHTER, EVVA, TOKOZ, MUL-T-LOCK, ABUS…) and we also have a large selection of safety fittings (RICHTER, ROSTEX, etc.). For greater security of buildings, we recommend the installation of additional FAB, GUARD locks or safety barriers and a MOTTURA, CISA, ATRA, etc. wheelbase, which protects the door primarily against levering. Thieves certainly know how to secure doors and are always looking for doors that can be opened quickly and, most importantly, quietly. Therefore, when they detect a safety barrier mounted on the door, they will not strain to open the door. Unfortunately, there are no locks that guarantee 100% protection - everything can be opened, it's just a matter of time. We just do our locksmiths so that thieves do not want to overcome your quality-secured door at all :)

However, the best security for the building is a safety barrier - this protects your door from being simply pulled out with a crowbar. Since the safety barrier and its installation is not a cheap affair, not every customer can afford to install it. In case you have not decided to install the barrier - we recommend installing a cylindrical locking insert (at least 3rd safety class) and protecting it with safety fittings with an overlap, which we also supply and install. This is the basis - otherwise your door, not even an experienced thief, will open in a minute without any noise. Humanly speaking, the lock insert must be protected at least against breakage. Order our technician, he will come to perform the measurement and you will have a well-secured household in the shortest possible time.

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