Emergency Locksmith Prague

Our locksmiths are always ready - call anytime!

Our locksmithery in Prague is here for you 24 hours a day


Are you in a situation where you need the quick help of a locksmith or just want to deal with something? Do not hesitate and contact the locksmith emergency KEY-SERVICE Prague - any day, at any time - our locksmith is here for you 24 hours a day.

KEY-SERVICE locksmith services have been providing locksmith services for many years and serve thousands of customers every year, so you can be absolutely sure that we will do professional work without mistakes. In order to guarantee you the highest quality of our services, we use only the most modern tools and devices for our work.

oprava zámku

Our locksmith emergency most often deals with the following issues:

    • Opening slammed and locked doors, emergency opening of locks.
    • Opening cars without a key without any damage.
    • Opening, repair and complete service of safes.
    • Installation and replacement of all types of locks, inserts and security fittings.
    • Complete installation of safety barriers, additional locks, barriers, etc.
    • Repairs of doors after burglary, proposals for appropriate security of the building against thieves.
    • Repairs and servicing of locks of all kinds, incl. car locks or safe locks.
    • Reconstruction of safety inserts EVVA, MUL-T-LOCK, FAB, TOKOZ, GUARD and others.
    • Removing a broken key from the lock insert, repairs and servicing of locks and inserts.
    • Securing an apartment or house against thieves - we will find suitable security for your building.
    • Welding services from professional welders - we weld any materials.

And this is far from all that KEY SERVICE locksmith can help customers with. Do you need to make a master and master key system (SGHK) for your office? Or would you like several locks in your house to be open with one key? Would you need to unlock your safe with another key because you don't have the old one? This and many other things are not a problem for our locksmithing.

Locksmith emergency KEY SERVICE provides its services for the whole of Prague and the surrounding area. We guarantee you absolute discretion, fast and high-quality work and full satisfaction with our services. Do not hesitate to contact KEY SERVICE at any time at +420 777 037 778! Our experienced locksmith will solve your order individually. You always get a quality guarantee for our work. Locksmith emergency Prague is here for you non-stop!

We provide locksmith work throughout Prague

Our locksmith operates throughout Prague 10, including Vršovice, Malešice and Strašnice. We will repair or replace the lock, open a locked door, but we will also provide all locksmith services. Locksmith Key-Service works as a locksmith emergency, our locksmiths will arrive at your address anywhere in Prague 10 immediately on any day, at any hour.

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