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Our welders can weld any material

We have been specialists in locksmith welding work since 1990

Whether you need to weld anything - a cracked hinge on the door frame, a damaged grille on the window, or even a larger structure - the KEY SERVICE locksmith's emergency is here for you! Thanks to the many years of experience of our trained welders, we can weld any material from steel, aluminum and stainless steel, even according to your drawings. Of course, we have a guarantee for the work.

svářeč praha

Why call our welders?

  • Jsme odborníci v oblasti svářečských prací
  • Zaměstnáváme ověřené svářeče s dlouholetou praxí
  • V procesu svařování dodržujeme stanovené podmínky pro daný materiál
  • We always give a quality guarantee for welding work
  • We are not overpriced - we only offer ferro prices
  • Free advice for laymen who are unfamiliar with welding
  • Upon request, we will make a technical report for you, which will describe the work procedures, a list of materials used and their certificates
  • We can be with you really fast - in a maximum of 40 minutes!
  • All our welders are qualified according to the EN 287-1 standard
  • We offer volume discounts for regular customers and seniors

For example, if it is just welding a torn hinge, which we solve quite often, our technician will fix it for you right after the first arrival. At the same time, he will find out why the tear occurred. In addition, it will check the other hinges and recommend the best solution so that a similar problem does not recur. Very often people have light prefabricated doors replaced with new, much heavier, security ones. Of course, old door frames are not made for such a door. Therefore, it is necessary to check and strengthen the hinges before replacing the door with a new security type.

In the case of larger works, such as welding of large steel structures, we will send you a technician who will measure and check everything. We will prepare a workflow for you and send you a non-binding price offer completely free of charge.

Do not hesitate to contact our welders on 777 037 778

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