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Our locksmiths have been specialists in opening locks without keys since 1990

A high-quality lock is a guardian of our health and property and that of our loved ones, but it can also make us suffer. And it is not an exception that it happens at the most inopportune time. If something goes wrong and you're standing in front of your closed door with no way to open it, it's time for professional help from an experienced locksmith. And here in Prague 1, our locksmith Key-Service will provide you with the highest quality!

What locksmith services does Prague 1 offer?

What can go wrong?

Almost everyone knows it, at least from the stories of friends or acquaintances: you rush to work or to an important meeting and slam your keys at home. Or you break the key in the castle in your haste. These are the most common causes of lock problems. But there can be many of them. It is also not uncommon to lose keys or damage the lock during an unsuccessful burglary attempt.

It doesn't matter if something similar happened to you in the Old Town, the Lesser Town or even in Hradčany. If you are looking for an emergency locksmith in Prague 1, call us and we will solve your problem quickly and professionally.

Locksmith repair a door lock replaces the lock and fixes the screws.

What can our locksmiths do?

Our locksmiths are real professionals in the field with many years of experience and can deal not only with changing the lock, but with any other problem. Not only in Prague 1, we provide emergency and non-emergency locksmith services, which include opening safes, installation of security for apartments and houses, installation of new locks and hardware, etc.

We work around the clock and will solve your lock problem at any hour of the day or night. The moment you need locksmith emergency or standard locksmith services in Prague 1, do not hesitate to call us. Although this is always a major inconvenience, we will quickly resolve it. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment for this.

If you try to solve the problem yourself, it is very likely that you will succeed in making the situation even worse and possibly damaging the lock even more. An experienced locksmith can deal with the problem in such a way that no further damage occurs.

oprava zámku

Locksmiths in Prague 1 non-stop

Naše locksmith emergency na Praze 1 je tady pro vás nonstop, naše zámečníky k vám pošleme vždy co nejrychleji, v jakoukoliv denní dobu a bez ohledu na to, zda je pracovní den či víkend.  Většinu akutních problémů  dokážeme vyřešit na místě během pár minut.

Unlike do-it-yourselfers, our locksmith has extensive experience in dealing with all possible situations. Therefore, do not waste time and nerves trying to repair it yourself, and rather call our locksmiths on the emergency line 777037778!

Zámecnícká pohotovost

Bet on the quality and experience of our locksmiths

in Prague 1 offers the fastest and highest quality solution to all problems with your locks. From Josefov to Holešovice, from Malá Strana to Vinohrady, our locksmiths will relieve you of your worries and you will be able to remember the past battle with a smile.

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