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We have been specialists in opening keyless locks since 1990

Are you dealing with a lock change or a slammed door? A team of professional locksmiths is ready to help you 24/7 at any time. We operate throughout Prague 1 and its surroundings. Reliable doors with a strong and high-quality lock allow you not to be afraid that unknown guests will visit you during working hours or long holidays away from home. Door locks usually work reliably for many years. Nevertheless, from time to time it is necessary to call locksmiths. What situations does the locksmith solve?

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We most often solve the following problems:

  • Emergency opening of slammed and locked doors
  •  Removing a bent or jammed key from the insert or lock
  • Gentle opening of the safe - then repair and commissioning of safes
  • Installation, replacement or repair of all types of locks, incl. safe
  • Installation of security barriers, fittings and pivot locks
  • Repairs after burglary of doors and frames, door security proposals
  •  Securing the apartment, house and cellar against unwanted visitors           

Our locksmith service provides professional services throughout Prague 1 and other city districts. We focus mainly on opening defective locks, installing new reliable locks and doors. Our locksmiths have many years of experience in performing the most complicated tasks associated with quick repair of locks, door installation and maintenance of security systems.

We know more than a thousand types and modifications of locks and how to repair or replace them. We can quickly solve even non-standard repairs and faults



  • When you can't get into an apartment or house
  • You have broken the key in the lock or someone has damaged your lock
  • Need to install a new lock, insert, fittings…
  • You want to install a more secure door guard


We perform all work with locksmith skills. No use of force or violence that can damage your door! The locksmith opens the lock that is stuck. It can detect the cause of the failure and propose a solution that is suitable for your wallet and safety. We can also solve problems with electronic locks, safes, etc.

All of the above is the reason for timely replacement of the lock. We are available 24 hours a day in Prague for all acute and non-acute cases. We know a whole range of locks, all methods of reinforcement and additional protection of the door against burglary. Ours can offer and install a complete solution suitable for you. We provide quality locks and plenty of spare keys. We can implement a comprehensive solution for maximum protection of entrances to apartments and houses!

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Locksmith nonstop in Prague 1

We will send our locksmiths to you as soon as possible. It doesn't matter the time of day. For acute cases, we are on the phone regardless of whether it is a working day or not. We can solve many acute problems in a few minutes.

Unlike do-it-yourselfers, the locksmith has extensive experience in dealing with all possible situations. Rather than waste time and nerves trying to repair yourself, call us straight away. We will correct the consequences of unsuccessful repair attempts. We provide emergency door opening, apartment security, opening safes and all work associated with locks and doors.

Do not hesitate to contact our locksmiths on the emergency line 777 037 778 at any time. We are here for you non stop. Your locksmith KEY SERVICE!

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