Lock Insert & Door Lock Cylinder Replacement

We can replace a lock insert of any security class - call anytime!

Replacement of FAB locks and lock inserts of other brands and safety classes


Replacing the lock insert is one of the most basic measures when it is necessary to better secure your house or apartment. We perform complete replacements of lock inserts of many brands and all security classes, and replacement of the lock insert is a routine matter for us.


The lock insert is not a lock

What most people often call a lock replacement is, in fact, just a lock cylinder replacement. It is fixed in a mortise lock, which, however, can remain in place and the replacement of the lock insert is a matter of a few minutes for our experienced locksmiths.

We supply inserts of all sizes and safety classes (1 to 4) brands FAB, Richter, EVVA, Tokoz, Mul-T-Lock, Abus and many others. We have been providing our services since 1990 and we have extensive experience with the replacement of the lock insert.

We can replace your cartridge with a safer one

However, it is not without interest that for many thieves, the security lock is a challenge and not an obstacle. Therefore, we always recommend that you think about the safety fittings that protect the lock insert from breaking when you replace the lock insert. Of course, even the security fittings together with the security insert of the lock will not protect your apartment or house 100% from thieves, so you can, for example, install a security barrier that will protect the door from being pulled out.

Of course, our specialists will advise you and help you to ensure that your building is protected as best as possible. Replacing the lock insert itself is therefore important, but in addition to it, there are many other options for securing your house or apartment further and better.

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