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We have been specialists in opening keyless locks since 1990

Do you need locksmiths around Letná, Holešovice or Troja? Our locksmith service provides comprehensive services regarding the replacement and repair of locks or doors. We will come anywhere from the Letná plain, through the lagoons of Holešovice to the Troja slopes. The lock and the door often do not attract the attention of homeowners. At the same time, they are the main gateway to your home and an important security feature. Our locksmiths can install any type of locks for you, from ordinary ones to expensive security locks and fittings. We also provide replacement and repair of lock inserts and fittings.

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We most often solve the following problems:

  • Emergency opening of slammed and locked doors
  •  Removing a bent or jammed key from the insert or lock
  • Gentle opening of the safe - then repair and commissioning of safes
  • Installation, replacement or repair of all types of locks, incl. safe
  • Installation of security barriers, fittings and pivot locks
  • Repairs after burglary of doors and frames, door security proposals
  •  Securing the apartment, house and cellar against unwanted visitors           

If you notice that something is wrong with your lock, you can call our locksmiths at any time. Any scrubbing of the lock, skipping or the need to use force when unlocking is the last warning. It can easily happen that your lock gets stuck over time or, conversely, does not go locked. Modern locking mechanisms are no longer a job for occasional do-it-yourselfers. What benefits do you get if you order a qualified locksmith? The locksmith can arrive almost immediately or on an agreed day and time; locksmiths have the job done in a few minutes; guarantee of quality and reliability; affordable price.


Our locksmiths will gladly come anywhere in Prague 7 and elsewhere. We are an established locksmith company with experienced staff. In addition to repairs, we can secure the home with a better lock or straight with security fittings and doors. We install dozens of different types of locks and inserts every day. No repair or replacement will surprise us.

Last but not least, we can pile up failures caused by do-it-yourself mistakes. Most broken locks and doors are caused by poor initial assembly. Our experienced locksmiths will arrange for the repair or suggest the selection of a more suitable type of security for residential and commercial premises.

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In addition to classic repairs and replacements or installation of locks, we also go to various disasters. These are most often situations where our customer cannot get into the room. Our emergency door opening service has two major benefits. First of all, we are a non-stop locksmith with all-day emergency on the phone. You can also call at the weekend at night.

Slammed doors usually need to be resolved right away. We leave on call at any time of the day or night and open a door where the lock has broken or you have broken or lost your keys. Another advantage is that we are frugal. We can handle these situations calmly and especially without damaging the lock or door. We will save your nerves and money. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time and with any problem. Locksmiths are used to repairing non-standard faults and dealing with them in various circumstances. We have enough experience and enough suitable tools. We can also help with a slammed car door or safe. We will arrange all this in Prague 7 quickly and at any time.


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