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We have been specialists in opening keyless locks since 1990

Our non-stop locksmithing operates throughout Prague 5 and its surroundings. You can use our services in Smíchov and districts such as Košíře, Motol, Hlubočepy, Radlice, Jinonice and even Malá Strana. But locksmiths will go anywhere else in Prague!

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Our repertoire includes all types of locksmith services:

  • We install and change locks and inserts

  • We repair broken locks

  • We install fittings and handles

  • We solve all faults and problems associated with the lock and door mechanism

The lock and door are one of the most important security features of your home. Even more important protection is often needed in establishments and commercial premises. We can install a more secure lock to protect your property from intrusion and theft.

We also perform standard repairs and replacement of locking mechanisms from all manufacturers.



Do you feel that your lock or door is ready for repair? The future disorder may begin to manifest itself in advance. Most often, the lock starts to sway suspiciously, it is not easy to turn or you have to help yourself by various pushes on the door or prying the keys.

It is better to prevent problems with locks, so call experienced locksmiths in time. They will detect the cause of the problem and, if necessary, they can replace the lock immediately. Usually we can design a solution that is technically suitable for your safety and wallet. Behind the broken lock is usually the wrong choice of type or its amateur installation. We are able to fix all this relatively quickly.

Did you try to make the repair yourself? You may have found that it wouldn't really work without a locksmith. Especially when you have the opportunity to use the services of non-stop locksmithing throughout Prague 5. In addition to standard repairs, we can also cover the consequences of your interventions and damage.

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You can tell that something will hardly happen to the lock. They are usually relatively reliable devices. The consequences of their failures are even worse. Some trouble with locks can be really acute - slammed doors, lost keys, a stuck lock or a broken key, etc. In these cases, you often cannot get to your apartment. This is often annoying. In some situations, however, it may take minutes. Especially when, for example, an empty stove or oven is running inside, or there are closed children. Firefighters will help in a real crisis, but they will not look at the consequences.

The second option is to call our nonstop locksmith. Emergency door opening is our daily bread. We can do it without violence and the destruction of the castle. Call calmly even at night. We always keep alert regardless of the time of day and holidays.

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