Repair of Locks and Doors after Burglary

We will repair and secure your door - call nonstop

Did they break into your house? We will repair your door and propose appropriate security.

We have been specializing in lock repairs since 1990!

Lock repair. In Prague, it is stolen, it is stolen and it will be stolen every day, only most people think that it will not affect them. But when that happens to you, contact us and we will come and repair your door and immediately propose a suitable security for your apartment or business, so that a similar inconvenience never happens to you again. If necessary, we will replace the lock, put a new insert, install a safety fitting or a safety barrier.

oprava zamku

We know how to reliably secure you

Once you've been robbed, be sure not to panic! You should first contact the Czech police, who will inspect everything, and then call the locksmith emergency. If you also have damaged door frames after burglary, we can weld them and restore them to their original condition. When your door is in an unrepairable condition, we can quickly bring in and install a new door. In the emergency vehicle, we always have the basic things to repair the lock. Therefore, we are able to fix everything for you quickly and without unnecessary waiting.


The price of door and lock repairs always depends on the scope of work - it cannot be determined in advance. The technician can only inform you in advance of the approximate price for repairing the door.

Since we already have a number of trips to looted apartments, warehouses and offices, where we repaired or immediately changed the doors, we can give you some advice on how to protect your property well. For example, when you are on vacation:

  • So that the thief thinks that there is someone in the house - get a timer that turns on the light or the TV for a short time at the intervals you specify.
  • Leave hanging clothes on the balcony - it's a small thing, but it gives thieves the feeling that someone is in the house / apartment.
  • If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, ask them to pick up mail from time to time - thieves often notice.
  • Don't leave larger amounts of cash at home - deposit them into your account.
  • It is better to put a photo from the holiday on social networks after returning home and not before - this private information can easily reach thieves.

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